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Andrew Zimmern’s Favorite Midwestern Hamburgers

Andrew Zimmern, from the television show Bizarre Foods, was asked where his favorite hamburger joints where in the Midwest.  B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli,with our Killer Burgers,  made the list of top ten different burger joints in the Midwest.

B&B is a must stop, a must go, a must eat. And it couldn’t be in a more nondescript building on the back side of town. Family owned and operated since 1922. It’s a meat market that will sell you a whole hog for your weekend pig roast, they make their own sausages, they will build you a 6 foot hoagie if you need one, they will sell you steaks if you care to pony up the big dough…oh, and yes, they have a grill and they serve burgers, hand ground and formed, and they make them as singles, doubles and triples. The meat is what makes the burgers here. I like to split a double burger with someone and share a steak sandwich as well. This place is achingly good. A national treasure.

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B&B on KCCI’s Comfort Food

Steve Karlin, with KCCI News, came by B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli to highlight our Killer Sandwiches on his segment titled “Comfort Food”. We enjoyed having Steve and his crew around. They did a great job telling our story.

Roadtips – Best Burger List for 2011

Roadtips is a Sales Guy’s blog or “Guide” to various food, music and other things in the Midwest and more.  The Roadtips – Best Burger List for 2011 was recently released.  B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli was listed #8 on the list.

Don’t let the name of the place fool you. This Des Moines grocery store makes a burger that is moist and juicy, topped with gooey cheese and a bun that is light, but firm enough to hold this messy burger. It’s a five napkin burger, to say the least.

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Central Iowa’s Ultimate Sandwich

Des Moines CityView, Central Iowa’s independent weekly newspaper, held an “Ultimate Sandwich” contest

Killer Review by a Traveling Sales Guy

Roadtips is a  Sales Guy’s  blog or “Guide” to various food, music and other things in the Midwest and more.  Here’s what he said about our Dad’s Killer Sandwich.

From the first bite I could immediately see why the “Dad’s Killer” sandwich has been voted the best deli sandwich in the Des Moines over the past few years. The bread was light and chewy, the meat was great and the cheese was very fresh. Even with the combination of the Miracle Whip, mustard and the Italian dressing, it was a “killer” sandwich.

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Wanna Grab Lunch?

B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli was listed as a “favorite, and not so obvious, lunch spots in the capital city.” by

B&B is one of the oldest and best kept secrets in Des Moines. The tiny market and deli has been locally owned and operated since 1922 and has been a fixture to Des Moines’s Southside for five generations. It is also home to the best deli sandwich in Des Moines, the “Dad’s Killer”. This tasty sandwich is pure deliciousness. It makes the Turkey Tom at Jimmy John’s seem average. I also highly recommend “Zach’s Italian Killer” as its pretty killer as well. Whenever I go to B&B, I feel like I just walked into Cheers or something. The staff is very friendly and they really appreciate your business. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better sandwich place in Des Moines. Places like B&B just don’t exist anymore.

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Best Kept Secret on the Local Restaurant Scene

B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli was voted Des Moines “Best Kept Secret on the Local Restaurant Scene” by the readers of CityView.

“This Sevastapol icon represents a way of life gone with the wind — personal service, butchering to order, pork that has not been injected with a double-digit solution of chemical water. The deli service includes things that most people quit eating two generations ago. Where else can you find a choice amongst headcheese? Or pork tenderloin made only from the actual tenderloin?”

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B&B Voted “Best Mom & Pop”

B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli was voted Des Moines “Best Mom & Pop” by the readers of CityView.

“B & B Grocery, Meat & Deli is the epitome of a mom and pop store. It has been family owned and operated since Archie and John Brooks opened it in May 1922. Since then, five generations of the Brooks family have been dedicated to serving the Best variety of quality meats and the freshest deli items to the Des Moines Community.”

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Iowa Girl Eats at the Killer Zone

Kristin is the author for the blog  She writes about the great food around Iowa among other things.  She wrote about B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli in an article titled, “Eating at the Killer Zone“.

“I took a brief break from being a giant nerd relaxing to go pick up some killer sandwiches from B&B Deli for lunch! This place is a no nonsense, old school Italian deli and meat counter.”

This blog post continues by discussing that Zach’s Italian Killer and has some great pictures of B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli.

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“Best Food from a Grocery Store??- B&B Grocery

From the ISU Foodist

I always wanted to be a food critic…

B&B has also been around forever. They make a great chorizo if you’re into that sort of thing. Anyway, they also make sandwiches to order, as well as deep fried anything to go along with it. They feature the ‘Killer Tenderloin’…need I say more? At lunchtime, this place is packed full of all kinds of people. The service is quick and efficient and the food is delicious. It is a grocery store too, so on your way out pick up a Coke from Mexico (with real sugar) in a glass bottle to round out your meal. It’s just south of downtown Des Moines, and they have a great website with the full menu: ”

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