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Sunday Drivers

Sunday Drivers – Week 101

Another beautiful morning to toss discs. One of Des Moines Finest gave a great send off.   Brant took home the traveling trophy by throwing a 55.

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Sunday Drivers Celebrating Week 100

How can you get any better than starting the day out at DMPS Aviation Engineering Technology and then playing 18 holes of disc golf. Beautiful weather! Great friends! Killer Disc Golf! Mike Williams took home the traveling trophy for Week 100. Thanks to Ravenscape Photo and Design for the Killer Photos!

Check out the pictures from Week 100

It was Race Day for Week 99

The biggest day of racing and we’re tossing discs.  Today Brant beat Del by one stroke to take the victory and the traveling trophy.

Week 98 and Del Shoots a 52

It was the calm before the storm this morning.  Perfect for throwing a little disc golf.  We are starting to think Del doesn’t want to give up the traveling trophy.  He shot a 52 to take the trophy home for the third week in a row.

Del wins Week 98

Sunday Drivers – Week 96 and Del Wins with a 52

It was a nice overcast morning to toss the discs.  We had a great group of guys throwing.  Del shot a 5 to take the traveling trophy home.

Del wins Week 96

Week 95 was a Beautiful Day to Toss Discs

It was a beautiful day for tossing discs today.  Mike Williams dominated with a 46 and will host the traveling trophy for a week.

Mike Williams won Week 95 with a 46

Debuting the Sunday Drivers Traveling Trophy during Week 94

This week we debuted the Sunday Drivers’ Traveling Trophy.  Toss the low score for the day and you take the trophy home for a week!  It was a beautiful morning with a large turnout.  There were about 20 of us tossing discs.  Plus, we had a disc golf caddy cart that can carry anything you need for disc golf.  Best way to describe it is to think about Rodney Dangerfield’s golf bag from CaddyShack.  Just check out the video below and you’ll see how cool it is.

Brant tossed the lowest score and took home the Sunday Drivers’ Traveling Trophy!

Week 94 Sunday Drivers pictures

A Masters Morning for Brant

Brant threw today like he was making his way threw the field at the Masters.  Not only did he toss a hole-in-one, he also shot a 51 that would be enough to take home the green jacket.  Week 93 was a Masters morning!


Week 93 Sunday Drivers Video

Big Group to Toss the Discs for Week 92

We had a great group tossing the discs this morning!  Check out the mid-round shot (below) of us teeing off.  Better yet, check out the video below of us tossing discs off the tee box.  The group gets bigger as the weather gets warmer!

Yes, Mike threw a 51 to dominate the crowd.

Week 92 - Mid-round Golf Shot

Easter Frisbee Golf!

Enjoying Easter by tossing discs and not finding eggs on Week 91. Reuben and Brant threw a 54 to pull off the Easter win! Happy Easter to all our friends!