Andrew Zimmern, from the television show Bizarre Foods, was asked where his favorite hamburger joints where in the Midwest.  B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli,with our Killer Burgers,  made the list of top ten different burger joints in the Midwest.

B&B is a must stop, a must go, a must eat. And it couldn’t be in a more nondescript building on the back side of town. Family owned and operated since 1922. It’s a meat market that will sell you a whole hog for your weekend pig roast, they make their own sausages, they will build you a 6 foot hoagie if you need one, they will sell you steaks if you care to pony up the big dough…oh, and yes, they have a grill and they serve burgers, hand ground and formed, and they make them as singles, doubles and triples. The meat is what makes the burgers here. I like to split a double burger with someone and share a steak sandwich as well. This place is achingly good. A national treasure.

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