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Sunday Drivers

Beautiful Winter Day to Throw Discs!

Des Moines Winter Frisbee Golf Week 79

It was a beautiful Sunday morning to throw the discs! Joe shot a 63 to claim the victory today. This marks 79 Sundays in a row shooting frisbee golf.

Andy Throws a 67 for the Win

Des Moines Frisbee Golf Week 78

The 78th straight Sunday we throw a little disc golf.  Yes, it was cold.  But, the discs were flying.  Once again, Andy came out on top with a 67!  There is still nothing better than Winter Frisbee Golf in Des Moines!


Christmas Eve Eve Disc Golf

Des Moines Frisbee Golf in the Snow

Ok, so we copied Graham Elliot‘s “Christmas Eve Eve”, but the Killer disc golf is an original!  We had a brave group come out to shoot.   Andy and Reuben tied for the win.   This marks the 77th straight Sunday we played frisbee golf!

Welcoming December with a little Disc Golf

Des Moines Disc Golf Week 74

Nothing like welcoming December with a little frisbee golf.  Joe shot a 63 to win the 74th straight week we played disc golf.


Killer Disc Golf – Week 68

Des Moines Frisbee Golf Week 68

We enjoyed a little Killer Disc Golf this morning, the 68th week in a row.  It was a beautiful autumn morning. Joe shot a 63 for the win.

Killer Frisbee Golf – Week 60 a Newbee

frisbee golf in des moines iowa

The holiday made us forget to add our results for Killer Frisbee Golf -Week 60. This week Mike, a newbee to our disc golf outings, came out and shot the low score!

Killer Frisbee Golf – Week 59

Frisbee Golf in Des Moines Week 59

Archie recovered from last week’s run in with a disc to pull of this week’s victory!

Week 58 – Allison throws a “Blackeye”

Frisbee Golf in Des Moines

We had a great morning of throwing frisbee golf.  John came out on top with a 62.  The big story of the morning was Allison throwing a “blackeye”.  When we say “blackeye”, we mean it literally.  She threw a disc that hit Archie square in the eye.   We think it is going to be a shiner!

Hey Allison, one word…FORE!

Starting the Week with Killer Frisbee Golf

Killer Frisbee Golf in Des Moines

We had a pretty exciting week last week and how did we spend our day off?  With some Killer Frisbee Golf, of course!  Joe won this week!

Killer Disc Golf 52 Sundays in a Row

Des Moines Disc Golf

If you haven’t figured it out by now, we love to play a little frisbee golf.  It allows us, as family and friends, to enjoy each others company away from the Killer Zone.  This Sunday we hit a Killer disc golf milestone of playing 52 consecutive weeks.  We all had a great time, but Kevin came out on top!