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Sunday Drivers

Disc Golf Week 90

Week 90 tossing for the win was Reuben and Mike. They tied with a 60. While throwing on this spring day, we decided that if anyone wants to travel to Pennsylvania and get that groundhog…we’d butcher him for you!

Week 90 Disc Golf Video

Tossing the Discs on St. Patrick’s Day!

Tossing the discs on St. Patrick’s Day! We didn’t find any leprechauns, so there still may be a pot of gold somewhere out there. Reuben was throwing with skill trying to catch Mike. In the end, Mike threw a 55 and Reuben threw a very respectable 57.

Week 89 Disc Golf Video

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We beat the Snow

Week 88 and there was a lot of sleet and rain, but Mike was still able to throw 53.  At least we beat the snow and was able to have fun tossing the discs!

Disc Golf with Friends

We had a great week and can’t think of a better way to start off the new week than throwing the discs with with our friends. Week 87 and Mike Williams throws a 54 and Joe threw a respectable 61 to finish behind the pro!

The Disc Golf Killer 500

It was the 86th throwing of the Disc Golf Killer 500 and Reuben takes the checkered flag! OK. It was week 86 and Reuben threw a 57 for this week’s win. Mike Williams continues to amaze us by throwing a 51!

Disc Golf Week 85

Mike Page and John both shot a 63 to come out on top for week 85. Well, kind of, Disc Golf Pro Mike Williams came by and showed off his throwing skills by shooting a 51.

Killer Competition for Week 84

We had quite of throwers today!  It made for some Killer competition.  Andrew shot a 60 for the win!

A super Sunday for Frisbee Golf

What a super Sunday to throw a little disc golf! Week 83 and one of the brothers, Brooks brothers that is, took the win. Joe shot a 63 and took home the trophy!

Ice storm doesn’t stop Disc Golf for week 82

The ice storm didn’t stop us from throwing some Killer disc golf!  The tee boxes were iced over so to de-iced the tee boxes with some rock salt.  This allowed us to use the tee boxes without falling all over the place.  Joe shot a 65 for the win.

Frisbee Golf Week 81

Week 81 and Joe shoots his all-time personal best disc golf score of 59!