Cheryl Rogers, a B&B customer from Ames, Iowa, sent us pictures of the standing rib roast (prime rib roast) she recently grilled for a Thanksgiving meal that was fed to a hospice house in Ames.  The pictures show the process from start to ending, the only thing missing is the recipe she used.  We’ll have to work on getting it from her. The following is what she sent to us.

Would appreciate if you could pass this along to John…he picked out a gorgeous prime rib for me. The lion’s share went to dinner for our hospice house here in Ames. They put out a beautiful Thanksgiving spread for patients, their families, and staff.

Thanks for the top quality meat B & B provides…people are missing out if they haven’t found you yet!
Cheryl Rogers, Ames

Here are the pictures and captions she sent…

1.  All set to go to the grill

2.  Getting comfy with some pecan wood smoke

3.  Resting

4. Beautiful inside and out

5.  I also sent along about 6 dozen homemade rolls

Cheryl did email us how she prepared the roast.  Here is what she said:

No real recipe — just really good beef rubbed with a generous coating of a mixture of kosher salt, black pepper, and paprika. I always put some rub between the bottom of the roast and the ribs also so the flavor gets everywhere. (The bones made some fabulous soup after Thanksgiving also!)

We’re keeping Iowans, and Cheryl,
on Top of the Food Chain!