Slakingfool is a food, travel, and alcohol blogger who recently wrote a piece about the Killer Zone titled, “Life in the Killer Zone“.   He made multiple trips and even shared a shot of Templeton Rye with us.   Here is some of what he said:

“Getting a bite off the tenderloin I appreciated the well-seasoned flavor of the pork and the crispness of the exterior. My Reuben sported a pile of tender corned beef that disappeared into my slaking pie-hole all too soon. The impressively chunky egg salad soon followed. Still peckish I snagged a trio of smooth, mustardy deviled eggs for dessert.”

Slakingfool’s blog post has a lot of great pictures and we highly recommend you read it.  Here is the link to Slakingfool’s blog post, “Life in the Killer Zone!