Keeping Iowans on Top of the Food Chain Since 1922!

The Killer Zone

Trading our Grills for Coffee Pots

Are People Ready In Lovely Des Moines? For Once, One Local Store will change from a butcher/deli shop to a Killer Coffee Shop. We’re trading our grills for Coffee Pots and hope everyone enjoys some Killer Coffee!

Keeping Iowans, and Coffee Lovers,
on Top of the Drink Chain!

Easter Frisbee Golf!

Enjoying Easter by tossing discs and not finding eggs on Week 91. Reuben and Brant threw a 54 to pull off the Easter win! Happy Easter to all our friends!

Killer Burger For Lazer Andy Hall

The Killer Burger Lazer Andy Hall put away while in the Killer Zone!

Happy Birthday To A Wonderful Mother, Grandma, and Person, We Love You Becky!

If there is something that you are dreaming of, we hope it all comes true. You deserve it after raising the B&B Crew! We love you, mom! Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Our mom, Becky, wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. “It’s customers like you that helps make B & B what it is today!”

B&B Burgers Are In Iowa’s Top Ten

Our Killer Burgers made the Iowa Beef Council‘s  “2013 Best Burger Top Ten”!  This is really exciting for us to be in the top ten.  There were 349 restaurants nominated from over 6320 nominations.   Thank you to all that voted from the B&B Crew.

Now, we await the judges opinion of our Killer Burgers.  They will announce Iowa’s Best Burger in May 2013.

Read the list of the top burgers in Iowa

Beard & Pigtails Stop By The Killer Zone

The Killer Zone made an appearance in Beard & Pigtails, chronicles of a single dad, blogpost about touring Des Moines. We loved their line, “Slicing cows since 1922.” There are some great pictures of B&B. Check them out

Read about Beard & Pigtails tour of Des Moines.

Disc Golf Week 90

Week 90 tossing for the win was Reuben and Mike. They tied with a 60. While throwing on this spring day, we decided that if anyone wants to travel to Pennsylvania and get that groundhog…we’d butcher him for you!

Week 90 Disc Golf Video

Just A Little Break For The Killer Zone.

The B&B crew are going to take a long weekend for a mini vacation. Therefore, we will be closed Thursday, March 21st thru Sunday March 24th. We’ll open again on Monday, March 25th.

Tossing the Discs on St. Patrick’s Day!

Tossing the discs on St. Patrick’s Day! We didn’t find any leprechauns, so there still may be a pot of gold somewhere out there. Reuben was throwing with skill trying to catch Mike. In the end, Mike threw a 55 and Reuben threw a very respectable 57.

Week 89 Disc Golf Video

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Polashek’s Locker Service in the Killer Zone

We got a surprise visit from Bizarre Foods stars Katie and Stika from Polashek’s Locker Service. We are hoping to start carrying some of their great products!!! How about a little jaternice or head cheese?