Recently, the National Pork Board and the National Cattelmen’s Beef Association came up with the idea to change the name of several cuts of pork. The new names are very similar to names for similar cuts of beef. The goal is to make it easier for people to identify a cut of meat. See the news release using the following link, “Pork Cuts to Get New Consumer-Friendly Names at the Meat Case

Of course, the new names are going to cause some confusion.  Even our third generations get tripped up a little when trying to use the new names.  It is just hard to change when you’ve used certain names your whole life.  Check out John jr as he explains some of the new names for cuts of meat on WHOtv’s Agribusiness report that aired April 11, 2013.

We will custom cut to your specifications!

Regardless of the new names, we can say the following with 100% confidence!  Pork is still Pork and Beef is still Beef.  Therefore, just let our 3rd generation butchers know what you want and we’ll make sure we direct you to the right cut of meat.  Need something special?  No problem!  Just ask and we’ll custom cut it for you!

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