Noah has been coming to the Killer Zone for quite a few years and we have become some of his biggest fans!   This year, Noah will be starting middle school at Weeks.  His condition requires him to use an electric wheelchair to actually attend school.  No wheelchair, no school at Weeks.

We want to help him get that wheelchair!

This week we will be accepting donations to buy Noah an electric wheelchair.  The goal is to raise $4000  $5500 in 6 days since school is just a couple weeks away.  With over 2000 Facebook fans, we’ll hit our goal if everyone gave just $2 $3 a piece.  100% of the funds collected will go towards Noah’s new wheelchair.  We will stop collecting donations once our $4000 $5500 goal is met.  Can’t make it by the Killer Zone?  You can send us your donation at:

B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli
2001 SE 6th St
Des Moines, Iowa 50315

8-9-2012 Update –  We are getting real close.  At the close of business, we raised $4450!  Noah was featured on a Channel 13 Newscast.  Let’s finish this for Noah!

8-8-2012 Update – We raised $1844 by the end of day today.  Noah was featured in the Des Moines Register (Wheelchair promises more air for Noah)and he was also featured on Channel 5 Newscast.

ABC5 News Des Moines, IA

8-7-2012 Update – We raised $673 at the end of the day.  Again, we have received multiple phonecalls pledging money for Noah!

8-7-2012 Update – We spoke to Noah’s family and discovered the amount we need to raise is $5500 for an electric wheelchair.  We also found out that school starts a little later than we thought.  So, we may be extending the dates to donate.

8-6-2012 Update– We raised $187 by the end of the day.  We also received multiple phonecalls pledging money for Noah’s electric wheelchair.

Stop by the Killer Zone and help us
make sure Noah can attend Weeks Middle School!