By Joe Lawler
January 21, 2009
Des Moines Juice

Anyone could enjoy a meal at these restaurants, but each has a certain quality that makes them perfect for guys. We sought out five of the manliest dining spots in Des Moines. Sure, you could get a salad at most of these places, but what would be the point of that? Indulge on our suggestions instead….

B&B Grocery, 2001 S.E. Sixth St.

What you’re ordering: The Dad’s Killer sandwich (pictured below) consists of roast beef, turkey, ham, corned beef, pepper cheese, swiss cheese, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mustard, Miracle Whip and Italian dressing on a hoagie. Hopefully the name isn’t due to it killing someone’s dad, because that sounds possible. If you’re feeling lucky, punk, take on the Quadzilla, a four-patty burger on a grilled bun for only $6.79.

Why it’s manly: B&B is a butcher shop. This isn’t some showy theme restaurant – guys in bloody aprons were chopping up your food a few hours ago. There’s something infinitely more satisfying about eating meat you know came into the building still a part of a much larger animal.