LuAnn Bone’s Killer Porchetta. As butchers, we use our knives to cut a piece of art.  LuAnn uses her skills to make it a Masterpiece!

What is Porchetta?

Porchetta is an Italian word for a stuffed, roasted suckling pig and is an Italian culinary tradition.   Of course, you can create Porchetta by using parts of a boneless pork loin and pork belly.

Our friends at bon appetit has a great Porchetta recipe that calls for 2-3 pounds of center-cut pork loin and a 5-6 pound piece of pork belly with the skin on.   The  iamafoodblog also has a great recipe for those of you that want to create a Porchetta Masterpiece.   Their recipe calls for 1-2 pounds of pork tenderloin and a 12 inch slab of pork belly.

Pick a recipe and let us know when you want us to cut a pork loin and a little pork belly for you!

We’re keeping Iowans, and Porchetta lovers,
on Top of the Food Chain!