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The Killer Zone

Killer Pork Porchetta

LuAnn Bone’s Killer Porchetta. As butchers, we use our knives to cut a piece of art.  LuAnn uses her skills to make it a Masterpiece!

Send More Killer Sandwiches

Pope Benedict XVI is the first Pope to retire in over 600 years.  Now, the Catholic church is on its way to selecting a new Pope.  It all happens in secret and word about each vote is given to the world in the form of smoke.   Here is what the smoke means:

  • White Smoke = A new Pope has been elected.
  • Black Smoke = The vote was inconclusive.
  • Orange Smoke = They ran out of Killer Sandwiches and would like us to send some more!

We’re keeping Iowans, and Cardinals,
on Top of the Food Chain!

Home of the Killer Sandwiches

Food, Des Moines, Awesome is a blog about a local man who loves his city – Des Moines.  He did a Killer Zone first and wrote our Killer Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

I had the spicy breaded chicken sandwich and it was really good as the chicken was juicy and the breading was tasty but light enough to not dominate the meat. I am not sure a better sandwich bun exists, they are soft and melt in your mouth like cheese.

Read more of Food, Des Moines, Awesome blog post “B&B

State Champions!

Congratulations to the 6th grade Lincoln Rails Basketball Team that includes our nephew, Jasper. They won the State Championship for the Silver Division this weekend!  Nothing wrong with a little Southside Pride!!!

We beat the Snow

Week 88 and there was a lot of sleet and rain, but Mike was still able to throw 53.  At least we beat the snow and was able to have fun tossing the discs!

Bottle of XR Crown

We received a bottle of XR Crown from our good friends Luann and Charlie!  All we can say is, “THANKS”!   It is awesome having customers that we consider to be more friend than customer.   Cheers!


Killer Sandwich T-Shirts in Africa

Check it out…our Killer Sandwich t-shirts were spotted in Africa!  How cool is that?  We are thinking that all those kids want to travel to Iowa to grab a Killer Sandwich!  We would be happy to serve them.

Custom Beef Order

Check out this beef order custom cut by our 3rd generation butchers! It is making its way up to Minnesota!

Showing off Zach’s Sunglasses

The B&B crew took a little time to show off the sunglasses that Zach left in the Killer Zone!  You have to know that Zach is very protective of his RayBans and doesn’t want anyone wearing them.   Well, next time he won’t leave them in the Killer Zone!

We love you, Zach!


Disc Golf with Friends

We had a great week and can’t think of a better way to start off the new week than throwing the discs with with our friends. Week 87 and Mike Williams throws a 54 and Joe threw a respectable 61 to finish behind the pro!